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    Walbury Beacon Benefice serves the parishes of 
    Combe, Enborne, Hamstead Marshall, Inkpen, 
    Kintbury with Avington and West Woodhay.

    All our in-church services are subject to restrictions and will require
    hand sanitizing, wearing of face masks, and respect for those who wish to maintain social distancing.

    We have been asked by the Public Health and Wellbeing Support Officer for WBC to circulate the information below:

    A Level 2 Cold Weather Alert has been issued until 0900 on Wednesday 26th January. This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services. 

    “Severe cold weather can be dangerous, especially for the very young or very old or those with chronic disease. Advice on how to reduce the risk either for yourself or somebody you know can be obtained from the winter health pages at NHS Choices (www.nhs.uk) or from your local chemist. If you are worried about your health or that of somebody you know, ring NHS 111.” 

    Click Staying Warm and Well for West Berkshire Council's current guide to wellbeing in cold weather.

    Do continue to keep an eye out for vulnerable neighbours.

    Continuing Revelation during the season of Epiphany

    It’s usually the writer of the first gospel, known as Matthew, who searches diligently among the Hebrew Scriptures to find words and prophecies that “prove” Jesus’ identity as the long-awaited Jewish Messiah.  However, in this week’s reading from the third gospel, (Luke), we are shown Jesus himself, near the start of his ministry and filled with the baptismal Spirit, making this startling revelation about himself as he reads from the prophet Isaiah: ‘Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.’  At first his hearers were delighted – but a scant 5 verses later, they are already trying to assassinate him.

    Scrolls found in the cave at Qumran contain almost the entire book of Isaiah

    Very Important COVID Update – please read:

    The wearing of masks in church is now a legal requirement

    Compulsory mask-wearing and joyful singing at our Carol Services do not seem an obviously compatible partnership, but that appears to be where we are.  The Church of England has all along taken the line that since masks are rather for the protection of more-vulnerable "others" than for the wearer, putting up with the minor discomfort to keep those others safe, is a relatively easy, and visible way for us all to demonstrate the Christian principle of "Loving our neighbour". 

    Having checked with the Area Dean, unless new/different guidelines come from the CoE/diocese we will expect to wear masks, to try to maintain safe distancing as far as possible, to continue the use of hand sanitiser, but also to sing.

    Patrick Whitworth has written two new booklets, Journey Into Life and More to Life. We hope to have copies of each available free in our churches in the near future.

    The Power of Silence

    On the evening of Monday 23rd August, St Mary's Church Kintbury held a 2-hour silent vigil for the people of Afghanistan, one week and one day after the Taliban entered Kabul.

    During the two hours, around twenty people - from teenagers to pensioners - came in ones and twos into the church, lit a candle and sat for a while in silence before slipping quietly out.

    Suggested Prayers for Afghanistan - 19-08-21

    Local Support for Afghan Refugees

    Our in-church services remain subject to some restrictions and will require
    hand sanitizing, wearing of face masks,
    and respect for those who wish to maintain social distancing.

    Current COVID-19 guidance and resources from West Berkshire Council

    Prayer for the Nation - Psalm 23
    Archdeacon of Berkshire's sermon on Patience



    Our Safeguarding Policy


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