Thy Kingdom Come in Walbury Beacon 2021

  Ascension Day – Pentecost

Thy Kingdom Come (TKC) has become a global prayer initiative; originated by the then Archbishops of Canterbury and York in 2016, as an Anglican missional activity, it caught the imagination of churches and Christians across the world, and each year more countries and more denominations have joined in.

We missed the first year in Walbury Beacon, but have taken part – to a greater or lesser extent dependent on our ministry capacity – each year since.

The idea is simple – individuals, groups, churches, dioceses – all come together in prayer for the extension of God’s Kingdom on Earth: Thy Kingdom Come.

The TKC website offers a number of resources, including some for families and children, and is well worth exploring.  This year, we are suggesting that, as a benefice, we use the TKC prayer journal, and alongside, or instead, the TKC2021 Novena Resource “Praying the Psalms from Ascension to Pentecost”.  Both these offer ideas for short daily readings, reflection and prayer – which will lead us nicely into our post-Pentecost plan to join the national Church Big Read – a 6-week course on “How to Pray”.  (More about this anon!).

I have downloaded and adapted both these TKC pdf resources into Word, to make them smaller files and a little more user friendly, with Day reference numbers added; these versions are attached.  The originals are available as pdfs and can be downloaded from the TKC website; if you choose this route, be aware that they are produced to print as booklets, and the order in which the pages are presented can be a bit confusing.  The prayer journal pdf does print into a very nice A5 double-sided booklet; however, I would not recommend printing the original Novena resource – I suggest you just look at it on screen.  It has some lovely and carefully selected pictures, but would be very heavy on printer ink!  I’ve removed the pictures in the simplified version for print convenience.  The advantage of printing these is that there are spaces for your own notes if you like to jot down reminders and thoughts when you pray.

Jesus’ Ascension followed by the coming of the Holy Spirit to the newly forming church in Jerusalem are crucially important events for Christianity, as we marvel at how a small band of transformed fishermen, tax collectors and other unlikely characters, 2,000 years ago were able – then, and now – to unite to inspire the world. And yet this time, and these festivals, are often overlooked.

So make it different this year, and do join us for:

Ascension Day:                               13/05:   7:00pm Zoom
Thy Kingdom Come:                       13/05 - 23/05
Pentecost Praise:                            23/05:-   9:45am Kintbury Churchyard & Zoom


They Kingdom Come 2021 in Walbury Beacon - Resources

Suitable for home printing:

TKC Prayer Journal 2021

TKC Novena 2021 - Plain Copy

For reading online:

TKC Prayer Journal 2021 DOWNLOAD

TKC Novena 2021 A4