Daily Prayer - Thy Kingdom Come - Prayers

Combe:                   Friday 22nd May

Please thank God for the beauty of the countryside in Combe and for providing such a glorious haven to escape to for lockdown.   Please could you pray for the farming and the crops. 

Enborne:                 Monday 25th May

Dear God, On this the Feast Day of St Bede, we give thanks to all those who, down the Ages, have led and inspired the Churches in South West Berkshire.  In particular we thank God for the leadership of the Ministry Team in these difficult times, for their many acts of practical Charity and for their unfailing efforts in keeping in touch with individuals in these non contact days.  We thank God, too, for the many charitable actions of the local communities.  We thank God for the work of our local schools.  We ask God to bless them as they wrestle with the problems of the re-opening in June.  We thank God too for the glorious weather of this lockdown period.  We would ask God to bless those who are suffering in MIND, BODY or Estate as they struggle with the economic, social and personal problems of these difficult times.  Not least we would ask God to strengthen our faith and inspire us to remain loyal servants of the Church.  In this period between Ascension time and Whitsun we would ask for God’s blessing on the Benefice making it an even stronger witness to your Heavenly Kingdom.  Finally, we thank God for the selfless efforts of our Key Workers as they struggle to maintain key services whatever the dangers to their own health. 

H. Marshall.            Tuesday 26th May

In memory of Tim Gwyn Jones and for his family.

For the Benefice and the whole local area At this time of lockdown. For everyone facing worries, illness and for those working round the clock to help others.

A Celtic prayer
I awake this morning
In the presence
Of the holy angels of God
may heaven open wide before me
Above me and around me
That I may see the Christ of my love
And his sunlit company
In all the things of Earth this day

Inkpen:                    Wednesday 27th May

We join in sentiment with Combe to thank God for our beautiful countryside and at the moment the wonderful weather to go with it! 
We would like to share the words of Addison's fine hymn 'When all thy mercies, O my God my rising soul surveys ... '.  Whilst this has a personal touch, it may also strike a chord with others.
Prayers for the wonderful support that has been present in Inkpen during the lock down - as it has been throughout the country.  What a clear sign it is that the second great commandment of our Lord's seems now so embedded in the nation - would that the first was too!! 
And to pray for the many who are in distress 'in mind, body or estate'.

We pray also to "bring people to faith" and for the inspiring words of Lord Harris, a former Bishop of Oxford, for the need of the Church to understand where people actually are. He says "we need to address people's real difficulties and find fresh imagery which resonates".


Kintbury:                  Thursday 28th May

May we ask for prayer regarding pastoral concerns in the village of Kintbury, both now and in the future.
For God to open our eyes to people's needs.
For people missing their usual means of support.
For the networks and partnerships which have arisen in response to the pandemic and lockdown.
For us to learn from our experiences when we return to some sort of normality.
In particular, we ask for prayer for St. Mary's School, Kintbury Surgery, the Corner Stores, Notrees and Audley Inglewood.

W. Woodhay:            Friday 29th May

We join Combe in thanking our creator for the magnificence of our countryside and the time we have had to reflect upon it. Its beauty has made this difficult time for so many, all the easier to bear for those of us able to enjoy it. The tranquillity and clarity of our environment without the baggage of modern day life has given us time to think about those that have gone before us and think about the fundamental values of life at a time when life itself is being challenged in so many families.

Thank you Lord for allowing us to be at West Woodhay and helping us to come together to look after one another and to thank those who have been looking after us.

We would like to include thanks for the Benefice Team that have embraced new ways of worship and kept in touch With us all through the use of IT.

For West Woodhay, we thank God for the quiet ways that those in our community have kept an eye on each other and provided help where and when needed.  As a rural community we give thanks to all who work with the land to ensure our harvests will be as bountiful as possible.  We pray that the wider community will support all our farmers both practically and spiritually in these uncertain times. We also pray for everyone that is finding life difficult and uncertain at this present time.  May they be sustained by God’s love and through the action of our hands that do the work of God on earth.


Walbury Beacon Benefice:    Saturday 30th May

Prayer for our Benefice at Pentecost

Come Holy Spirit and make us a Pentecost People.

May your wisdom and right judgment guide our decisions and temper our impulses.

Let knowledge and understanding increase our capacity for empathy and compassion.

Let reverence and awe fill us with gratitude and respect for all creation.

In our current crisis give us a willingness to reach out to others in need of our help.

Give us above all the courage to witness boldly to the Gospel in word and in deed.

We ask this in the name of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.