2021 Lockdown Message from your Churchwarden

Dear All,

You will see from the January Bulletin that we were planning a series of services for the month but also that we would follow Government guidelines. That, however, was before Tier 4 came upon us when, strangely perhaps, public worship indoors (without singing but maintaining social distance, etc.) is permitted but left to local discretion. So when Revd. Tim asked for Inkpen's view, I said that given the greater speed, ease and likelihood of infection that is now the case, but also the opportunity of returning to something closer to normal that the new vaccines will make possible, we would prefer that normal services be suspended until further notice. The outside service held on Christmas Day was wonderful but to risk another before, say, Easter Day, would be a step too far.

So for the moment there is one zoomed service for the Benefice each Sunday - if you don't already get the details they can be found here on the Walbury Beacon Benefice website via the 'Services' tab* - and for five days a week the Church will be closed. But each Sunday and Wednesday from 10am to 4pm it will be open for individual prayer and meditation to give that sense of inner peace that is there for us all.

God Bless.



*Forthcoming services in the Benefice can be found by clicking on the 'Services' tab (third tab along near the top of the page), or can be reached directly by clicking on https://www.walburybeaconbenefice.org.uk/services/ or typing it into your web browser.