WBB 21 Letter 23rd January 2018

WBB 21


The Vicarage,
3 Elizabeth Gardens,
RG17 9TB

January 23, 2018

Dear All,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to all members of the Benefice who are on the Electoral Roll of our six Parishes. This is to inform you that over the next couple of months we will be holding a series of meetings throughout the Benefice. These meetings are being held under the initiative – WBB 21.

The initial meetings will be held locally in the individual parishes. These will hopefully happen before the end of February. Following these meetings we will be holding a Benefice Conference at the Donnington Grove Hotel on Saturday 10th March. This will run from about 10.00 am until 3.30 pm. It is hoped that we will get good representation from each parish on that day. Could you please put this date in your diaries now. All of the discussions that have taken place locally will be brought together at the Conference.

At our local meetings we will be looking at six important areas that affect the way we live out the Gospel in this part of West Berkshire.

These are:

1.      Welcome.

2.      Fellowship.

3.      Worship & Nurture.

4.      Service & Caring.

5.      Communications.

6.      Ministry & Leadership.

For the purposes of the local meetings we have divided the Benefice into three groups of two parishes. These are as follows:

Enborne & Hamstead Marshall.          Rev. Sue Webster.         
Fellowship & Service & Caring.

Kintbury & West Woodhay.               Rev. Matthew Cookson.
Welcome & Communication.

Inkpen & Combe.                               Rev. Mark Wilson.         
Worship & Leadership.

Each of these groups will take two of the topics above and look at them over two local meetings. The findings from these will then be collated and presented to our Conference on the 10th March.

We are including with this letter a copy of the WBB 21 study document. You will notice as you read through it that each section is based on one or more Biblical Readings. We would encourage you to study these as you prepare your response. We would like all of you to get involved in this process. Even if you are unable to attend the meetings we would value your input. If you would like to give us your views could you please do so to the Benefice Office email address: wbboffice@gmail.com. The closing date for replies is the 28th February.

It is our hope that this process will give all of us an opportunity to look at our Benefice and to begin to plan a way forward. We want all of you to be part of this process. We believe that this can be a turning point for WBB and that with all of us working together we can achieve great things. Please pray for the Benefice as this process begins and continues over the next few months. We believe if we open ourselves to the influence of God’s Spirit then all things become possible.


Yours in His Service,


Mark.                                       Matthew.                                       Sue.

Rev. Mark Wilson.                  Rev. Matthew Cookson.                Rev. Sue Webster.