Lent 2020

This year, we shall be following a four week course entitled 'Journeys', looking at various aspects of our faith through the eyes and lives of people who have experienced its power and influence.

The people you hear from and whose stories you will watch, are down to earth and realistic about life. They explain, from their own perspective what they see as the wide ranging benefits of embracing a relationship with God.

Without our even realising it, we are surrounded by images in popular culture, which reflect the desire of ordinary people, to find meaning in this life and reassurance about what’s to come in the next life. If we listen to current music or watch movies, we can hear the cries for illumination on these important issues.

So, do come and join us as we explore this together. Share in other people’s experiences of faith. See how they may differ from your own and enjoy the journey.  

Each week we shall start with a passage from the Bible, then watch one of the videos (about half an hour).  After the video, some people may feel they wish to leave, to think things through on their own; for those who wish to stay, there will be an opportunity for informal conversation about any elements of what we have seen and heard.

The four videos are condensed from five, to suit the time available and can be watched as a series, or as standalone sessions if you are not able to get to all the meetings.  It’s useful if we have some idea of numbers, for chairs, coffee etc – but you are completely welcome just to turn up on the day.

Jenny and I will be leading these evenings which will start at 7.30 on Mondays 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23 March in St Mary’s Room.  We would expect to finish by 8:45 – 9:00.

We look forward to seeing you there.