Holy Week & Good Friday - Reflections & Music

Chris Lambert - Director of Music

Some Music for HOLY WEEK

Here is some material for private devotion from the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey.

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Jenny writes re services for Holy Week & Easter.

1.   During Holy Week, on Holy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, we are asking people to light their candle at the time of Compline - 7:00pm. 

2.   Also on Maundy Thursday at the same time for the Communion Service - 7:00pm. 

3.   At the end of this service, Mark will extinguish the Vicarage candle, and will invite everyone to do the same. (the symbolic equivalent of the darkness of stripping the altar).

4.   The virtual congregation relights their candles on Easter Day for the Communion Service.

5.   On Easter Day, Mark will have 6 new candles on the Altar in the Vicarage, and light one for each church.

6.   These candles will then be taken into each church on the first occasion of re-opening, and each church's Paschal Candle will be lit from the flame which was first kindled on Easter Morning.


Revd Mark - Some thoughts from my home Diocese of Dublin